Who & How Lord Rudra and Lord Shiva Related ? Maha Shivaratri

Who & How Lord Rudra and Lord Shiva Related ? Maha Shivaratri story on midnight.

In Mahabharata Sri Krishna said ‘SHIVA is the God one who grants all auspiciousness to humanity’.

SHIVA is Parabrahma who is beyond contemplation; of unmanifested identity; Limitless and is embodied Nectar.

Vedas declared “Bestower of auspiciousness is SHIVA”


SH – denotes perennial pleasure of eternal bliss

I – denotes Supreme God SHIVA(which is known when one attains self-realization)

VA – denotes immortal nectar power – Para Shakthi.

who is lord Shiva and who is lord Rudra. What is the Different Between Lord Rudra and Lord Shiva ?

There are many aspects of God, as he makes he called Brahma, when he retain the creation in his state is called by the name Vishnu. Pralaya (or Holocaust) is done by the form of Rudra.Rudra does not Fierce, Ist of all you must understand that Rudra is derived from rodra meaning mighty, but not Terrible.Hence Rudra is the kind of God who acquire certain (Rudra) shape after a kalp to destroy creation when creation captures lie, but God is ever Peaceful Shankra or Sagun Ishwara or Brahm.

What is the Different Between Lord Rudra and Lord Shiva ?

lord rudra whatsapp images on maha shivaratri
lord rudra whatsapp images on maha shivaratri

Maha ShivaRatri Midnight Mantra online shivaratri mantra text


Brihadaraynaka Upanishad says :

katame rudrA iti |
dasheme purushhe prANA

te yadA.asmAchchharIrAnmartyAdutkrAmanty
atha rodayanti
tasmAdrudrA iti || 4 ||

III-ix-4: ‘Which are the Rudras ?’ ‘The ten organs in the human body, with the prana as the tenth and the atma as the eleventh. When they depart from this mortal body, they make (one’s relatives) weep. Because they then make them weep, therefore they are called Rudras.’

rudra shiva mahakal
rudra shiva mahakal

In Rigveda, Rudra was praised as the “most powerful of the powerful.” The Shri Rudram anthem of the Yajur Veda is dedicated to Rudra.

It is said that Rudras and all names are unclear and varies. Hanuman is also called the ansh part of Rudra.Because rudra is associated with fire.May be first are Kal Bhairav, Durvasa etc. But the names of Mrgavyadha, Sarva, Nirrti, Ajaikapad, Ahirbudhnya, Pinakin, Dahana, Isvara, Kapalin, Sthanu and Bhava come from the Mahabharata. Shastra 7) Ajapaad 8) Ahirbudhnya 9) Shambhu 10) Chand and 11) Bhav.

Rudra’s too have 1,000 names.

Therefore Shiva acquires the form of Rudra and Rudra have 11 manifestation have been called by thousands of names.

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Different Between Lord Rudra and Lord Shiva ?


Maha Shivaratri mantra on jagarana
Maha Shivaratri mantra on jagarana


There are no differences between the Vedic Gods! Contrary to that, there is an encompassing harmony in them / their roles and meanings

Two Major Difference between lord shiva and lord rudra

I will answer the question from a practical point of view of spirituality (not from a historical point of view or from religious studies). Let us look at three “levels” of ancient gods, namely Brahman, Shiva-Vishnu, Rudra. From a purely formalist point of view (generally considered the “hierarchy” of the gods), there is an obvious top line in Brahman, Shiva-Vishnu and Rudra.

Who is Lord shiva and Who is Lord shiva?

lord rudra images on maha shivaratri whatsapp dp
lord rudra images on maha shivaratri whatsapp dp

However, we are faced with interesting realities in the lives of Hindus. Some of them praise the main (most important) God (s) the Shiva-Vishnu, and others, as Rigveda proves, praised the Rudra as the “most powerful of the powerful”; This means they enjoyed it as the highest / most powerful God (jumping above the Shiva-Vishnu level). In the post-Vedic period, the name Rudra was also used as a synonym for the name Shiva, which naturally led to the use of two interchangeable names.

It follows that there is no sense in analyzing the differences between two gods (Shiva-Rudra), for if there were substantial differences their names would never be interchangeable as synonyms for one God. On the surface, it seems to be a confusing problem. Anyway, it’s not at all.

We need to think about the meaning of the gods were personalize / express / holds for daily practical spirituality. The significance was not about the differences but to underline the special things / reality of human spiritual life.

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Who is Lord Rudra? and who is lord shiva?


lord rudra lord shiva images on maha shivaratri whatsapp dp
lord rudra lord shiva images on maha shivaratri whatsapp dp

The name Rudra was expressing the storm / roar. He was the Roarer. Interestingly, the Rudra simultaneously expressed extreme calm as a non-frightening God – the counter-pole to Roarer. Moreover, the Rudra was also named continues to hunting / prosecution not only foxes but also the criminals – this time to calm the counter pole non-frightening God.

Are we faced with the differences in meaning? The inconsistency or non-reliability in the treatment of the God’s? Not at all. Finally we come to practical spirituality related to the daily life of Ancient Hindu people:


Rudra was hunting for the people who are not living in accordance with spiritual wisdom and rules of sustainable continuity of the life of society. He was terrible roaring toward such “criminals”. When he started to roar, it was an unbearable storm for the ignorant, boring and irresponsible people who made trouble wisely governed society.


Rudra so was a Brahman and Shiva’s hand outstretched to the human world to the love life of the people in accordance with Vedic wisdom and eternal truths. This role was obviously an important role – the role of the mightiest of the mighty.

lord rudra lord shiva images on maha shivaratri whatsapp dp

Maha ShivaRatri 2017 Date Time Worshipping Shiva Lingam Puja (1)
Maha ShivaRatri 2017 Date Time Worshipping Shiva Lingam Puja (1)


Keeping order and calm conditions in society can only be done by a God who was full embodiment of all Vedic wisdom. Rudra was also a very quiet and non-frightening God. In fact, he was so – the Lord of Peace and Compassion (Shivam Shantam). Only in cases where people were carried to the sensible rules of the standard of living of the society he had to be part of roars and fearsome God points to play the criminals by a thunder / by trident or ax – the Lord of Terror / Warrior / Fighter secure peace in human society.

Conclusion: Lord shiva and lord rudra


The practical spiritual understanding does not reflect the differences but the harmony between the roles of the Gods.

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It also shows that the ancient Vedic spirituality was very practical – touching the daily practice of society.

lord shiva
lord shiva


First, it appears that the ancient societies wise judgment and eternal truths about the universe and humanity were the dominant factors of social life. The truths were not the theoretical / philosophical / speculative truth, but the “physical” terms of the right / wise / responsible and sustainable existence of human civilization.


The revival of Vedic practical spirituality is a must for our civilization.

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