25 Unbelievable Happy Chocolate Day Facts on Feb 9

The 2019 Valentine’s Week will not end if there’s no chocolate day. It will be celebrated on February 9, four days before Valentine’s Day. This is probably one of the sweetest days of the week because it’s chocolate. It is ideal for those who like sweets.

The History about Chocolates and Happy Chocolate day Facts

Happy Chocolate day facts : The history of chocolate in Central America. Chocolate, fermented, roasted and ground beans Theobroma cacao, and other pre – Olmec people Mokaya, proof of the chocolate drink from 1900 BC. The Aztecs believed that the seeds of the cocoa Quetzalcoatl, the gift of the wisdom of God was, and the value they have so many seeds have been used as a form of currency. Originally written a drink, bitter chocolate, frothy liquid, spices, like wine mixed with pure corn alone or in teams. He was believed to have aphrodisiac and strength of the drink. History of chocolates on Feb 9th 2019

After arriving in Europe in the sixteenth century, sugar was the authorities in the first category and those added to the common folk society. In the 20th century, chocolate staple, essential elements of the soldiers started beating the war in the United States.

Whatsapp Facts to Share and Send on Happy Chocolate day facts

Whatsapp Facts to Share and Send on Happy Chocolate day facts
Whatsapp Facts to Share and Send on Happy Chocolate day facts

“Chocolate” The word comes from the Nahuatl word chocolate in English and Spanish.

Americans eat a lot of chocolate: 12 pounds per year. – Happy Chocolate day facts.

Chocolate is made from cocoa powder, which is made from cocoa beans / beans. – Interesting Chocolate day facts.

Cocoa beans come from cocoa pods, which come from the Theobroma Cacao – cocoa, fruit. Best Happy Chocolate day facts.

The Mayans worshiped the “god of cocoa.”

Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) produces about a third of the cocoa in the world. At the same time, the Netherlands, the amount of cocoa beans processed in the world.

The first chocolate made for food was introduced in 1847 by Fry & Sons. Unbelievable facts on chocolates.

Hershey, Mars and Cadbury came shortly after in the late 1800s and early 1900s. History of chocolates on Feb 9th 2019

Cocoa contains theobromine, and tryptophan (which has a stimulating effect) (relaxed ie serotonin, a chemical that the brain). Together the nutrients happy and energetic but relaxed. Happy Chocoa facts.

There are 11 grams of fiber per 100 g of dark chocolate (with 70-85 percent cocoa).

It can help you regularly eat chocolate heart disease and stroke risk. The big reason? The high flavonoid content. (Flavonoids are a class of plant nutrients.) Happy Chocolate day facts.

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25 Interesting facts on Chocolates on Happy Chocolate day facts feb 9 

25 Unbelievable Happy Chocolate Day Facts on Feb 9
25 Unbelievable Happy Chocolate Day Facts on Feb 9

Flavonoids nitric oxide production – and thus controls sensitivity to insulin-like, with a lower risk of diabetes.

Flavanols are the main flavonoids in chocolate, and have antioxidant powers. History of chocolates on Feb 9th 2016.

Epicatechin is a special flavanol chocolate, which is good for the circulation.

All chocolates are rich in flavanols – addition Treaty fewer flavanols. History of chocolates on Feb 9th 2016

Dark chocolate does not automatically mean = healthy. Even dark chocolate, which have been subjected to a long-term treatment, reduction of the content of flavanols. Happy Dark Chocolate day facts.

Flavanols in chocolate may help to strengthen the capacity of thought in people with mild cognitive impairment, which can lead to Alzheimer’s disease.Happy Chocolate day facts feb 9.

Another possible reason is the right chocolate for heart: The way it is consumed. In a laboratory experiment, the researchers found little cocoa powder is broken down and absorbed by the gastrointestinal bacteria and it went wrong and broke ask some of the other cocoa. “Question Cocoa left fermented, the production of anti-cholesterol agents.  whatsapp Happy Chocolate day facts feb 9.

Happy Chocolate Day Facts during valentines day on feb 9

Happy Chocolate Day Facts during valentines day on feb 9
Happy Chocolate Day Facts during valentines day on feb 9

Until the 19th century, hot chocolate was even used medicinally to treat.

The dark chocolate consumption is related to a decrease in inflammation in several studies.

Research also shows the food chocolate diet is associated with lower levels of stress hormones in people with anxiety.

For your healthy chocolate, try to choose those low in sugar. Whatsapp Happy Chocolate day facts.

Fat in chocolate does not win the bad reputation that is obtained in the past: oleic acid in cardiovascular health and stearic acid, palmitic acid (in which types of saturated fats). Although cholesterol can influence palmitic acid, stearic acid not without effect on cholesterol. Happy Chocolate day facts feb 9.

Chocolate has been shown in studies to be a great recovery drink – there is only room for 45 minutes to an hour.

Even the Mayans and Aztecs drank a previously stated in the pre-Columbian Mexico Xocolatl chocolate drink.

There is no real chocolate in white chocolate. Happy Chocolate day facts feb 9.

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