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Cupid Love god – Roman Greek God of Love Cupid with Bow and Arrows


Cupid love god : In classical mythology, Cupid ( Latin Cupid , “desire ” means ) , desire, erotic love, attraction and love is God. The goddess of love often presented in the son of Venus and Mars, the god of war , and I know that Latin Amor ( ” Love” ), such as . His Eros is the Greek .

The notice of Cupid commonly evokes pictures of a cherubic winged baby wielding a bow and bolt, however this wasn’t generally the case. Much sooner than the Romans embraced and renamed him, Cupid was referred to the Greeks as Eros, the divine force of adoration.

Cupid love god – Who is Cupid Love of god?

cupid love god : One of the primary creators to say Eros (around 700 B.C.) was Hesiod, who depicted him in “Theogony” as one of the antiquated cosmogonic gods conceived of the world egg. Be that as it may, later records of the heredity of Eros differ, depicting him as the child of Nyx and Erebus; or Aphrodite and Ares; or Iris and Zephyrus; or even Aphrodite and Zeus—who might have been both his dad and granddad.

Greek god of love cupid History – cupid love god

Greek god of love cupid History - cupid love god
Greek god of love cupid History

cupid love god : Equipped with a bow and a quiver loaded with both brilliant bolts to stimulate wish and heavy bolts to touch off repugnance, Eros struck at the hearts of divine beings and mortals and played with their feelings. In one story from old Greek mythology, which was later retold by Roman creators, Cupid (Eros) shot a brilliant bolt at Apollo, who fell frantically infatuated with the sprite Daphne, however then propelled a heavy bolt at Daphne so she would be shocked by him. In another moral story, Cupid’s mom, Venus (Aphrodite), turned out to be so envious of the excellent mortal Psyche that she advised her child to incite Psyche to become hopelessly enamored with a beast. Rather, Cupid turned out to be so captivated with Psyche that he wedded her—with the condition that she could never see his face.

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Cupid with Arrows and a Bow.

cupid love god : In the end, Psyche’s interest showed signs of improvement of her and she stole a look, making Cupid escape in displeasure. In the wake of wandering the known world looking for her beau, Psyche was in the long run rejoined with Cupid and conceded the endowment of godlikeness.

cupid love god : In the verse of the Archaic period, Eros was spoken to as a good looking undying who was powerful to both man and divine beings. Be that as it may, by the Hellenistic period, he was progressively depicted as a fun loving, naughty youngster. It is this pudgy adoration impelling putto that has held on after some time and has turned into our pervasive Valentine’s Day.


Love of God
Who is Cupid Love God ?
Cupid love god
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700 BC.,

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