Whatsapp News: How to Read Deleted Messages Someone Sent via whatsapp

Read Deleted Message Someone Sent through whatsapp

WhatsApp, one of the most widely used instant messaging applications, rolled out a “Delete all” function recently. But really deleted messages will disappear from your phone? In a new report claims that WhatsApp messages you want to delete, in fact, is still on the device, and can be easily accessed.

Spanish Android Blog Android Jefe claims that deleted messages are present in the device notification log. He adds that the recipient can easily access the deleted messages, regardless of whether it has been removed from the end of the sender. “We found that the messages are stored in the registry of the Android system notifications. Thus, it is simply a matter of entering the record to see the message that the other person is removed, “said the blog.
How to read deleted messages WhatsApp someone sent.

Read Deleted Whatsapp messages

The blog explains that anyone can access deleted messages WhatsApp, sent to them through a third party application called Notification history, which can be downloaded via Google Play.

How to Read Deleted Messages Someone Sent via whatsapp
How to Read Deleted Messages Someone Sent via whatsapp

After downloading the application, users will be forced to look for a message in the Android log message. Those users who use other launchers like Nova Launcher is even easier.

The notification log can be accessed without the need of an additional app. Long press the home screen, then tap on Widgets > Activities > Settings > Notification log. You can then access the system’s notification log.
On stock Android, a Settings widget can give access to the notification log as well.

Whatsapp news : tried as a history of the application and notification to the other exercise method described above and found that the trick works on your Android device. There are some limitations, however, as only those messages that are generated messages on the device, and have been seen or interacted with, they can be restored. In this case, the interaction also provides a shot towards the original message, either in the notification bar or floating messages – in this case, you are also likely to see at least part of the original message when hitting off.The notification log only saves the messages on the device until it’s restarted. Once restarted, we noticed that the log was cleared.

In addition, the method has the limitation that only the first 100 characters deleted message will be seen. This feature is only available for users who are running Android 7.0 and above. Users can receive text only, which means that any kind of media file can not be restored.

This is not the first time that the message about getting deleted messages surfaced. Jonathan Zdiarski, the IOS expert, last year argued that WhatsApp chat logs are stored on the device, although it is archived or deleted.

Of course, if you have hidden or seen a message – that what is required in the event log notifications Android JEFE feat – the ability to read it later, after it has been removed is not really a loophole.

One of the biggest uses of destruction for Everyone features were, when a user to send a message to the wrong chat, or if the message was sent in error. This is the latest feature added to WhatsApp in a long list of features introduced this year, and is the biggest change in the chat application, as blue ticks aka send receipts.

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