WhatsApp Admin “Restricted Groups” Feature Spotted in Beta WABetaInfo

WhatsApp Restricted Groups Feature Spotted in Beta, Lets Admins Place Limits on Posting

Super Power to WhatsApp Admin “Restricted Groups” Feature Spotted in Beta WABetaInfo

WhatsApp, the owner of Facebook, will give more authority to group administrators who can restrict all other members to send text messages, photos, videos, GIFs, documents, or voice messages, as they think of the admin.


WABetaInfo introduced the “Unlimited Groups” option through the popular Google Play Beta version of the popular mobile messaging platform 2.17.430 for a fan site that tested the new WhatsApp features early.

The “Restricted Groups” setting can only be enabled by group administrators. Whatsapp Administrators can share media and resume regular conversations by restricting other members.

Once restricted, other members will only agree to and agree with the reading messages. You need to use the Send message to group to send or share messages.

The message must be approved by the administrator before proceeding to the rest of the group.

WhatsApp Admin "Restricted Groups" Feature Spotted in Beta WABetaInfo
WhatsApp Admin “Restricted Groups” Feature Spotted in Beta WABetaInfo

“A group can be restricted every 72 hours, but thanks to 2.17.430 beta, WhatsApp has finally found the server to change that value.”


The currently featured Restricted Groups feature is expected to be available in the near future in a stable version.

In October, the WhatsApp group managers said that other participants would soon be able to choose the group’s theme, its symbol and description.

WhatsApp has released the “delete message for everyone” function. This system allows users to delete messages if they are sent to an incorrect person or to a group.


With over 1.2 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is available in more than 50 different languages ​​and 10 Hindi languages.

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