Vodafone Offers Unlimited Calls and 1GB per day Student’s Scheme @low Cost

Reliance Jio Vs Vodafone Student Scheme

To counter Reliance Jio, Vodafone targeting students with a new system that will offer unlimited calls with 1 gigabyte of 4G / 3G data every day for 84 days, according to a company official.

Reliance Jio offer similar benefits for 399 Rs with free roaming and unlimited texting.

Reliance Jio – Vodafone Offers Unlimited Calls and 1GB/day


Reliance Jio: Vodafone announced Vodafone Campus Survival Kit for students in Delhi-RCN. The plan, which only concerns new connections, costs Rs 445, which will offer students unlimited voice calls, 1GB of data per day 3G or 4G for 84 days, discount coupons and a free bag as part of the ” offer.

The following charges is for recharge of  Rs 352 which can provide the above benefits.

“The Campus survival kit is Rs 445, it includes discount booklet from Ola, Zomato and others, valid for 84 days, after the end, 352 recharge will give them the same benefits,” business leader circle Delhi Vodafone India Alok Verma said in an e-mailed reply.

The company plans to deploy the program across the country gradually.

Vodafone Offers Unlimited Calls and 1GB/day for Students

“This plan can put in place across India. However, the charge value differs from one circle to another, “says Vodafone India’s National Chief for Consumer Marketing, said Arvind Nevatia.

The company currently calling limit of 1200 minutes a week of 300 minutes a day with a daily usage of 1 GB for 84 days for 84 days at 349 Rs in Delhi-RCN, but it is a limited time supply.

Nevatia said that even if they offered 349 Rs ended, the buyers survival kit has the ability to store the data and calls the benefits of recharging their account for Rs 352, which will be valid for 84 days.

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