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IRCTC Online Tatkal Train Ticket Booking /IRCTC Reservation Tricks 2017

Tatkal Ticket Booking becomes very difficult if you are not too smart and fast during the tenth time of 10:00, then you can not get a confirmed Tatkal Ticket. On many websites you may have seen that there are plenty of tricks to book a tattoo ticket, but many tricks failed for FY 2016 because the IRCTC website is now being redesigned by the new IRCTC Lite concept.

IRCTC Railway tatkal Ticket Booking For A/C trains starts from 10:am and for Sleeper class from 11:00 am.

IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking is a nightmare

IRCTC tatalk ticket booking is a nightmare for many travelers. It’s not easy to book your pet tickets under the quota, and “CONFIRMED!” Will appear on the screen They barely reserve tickets for tatkal several times and thousands of users can not.

Is there a way to order Tatkal tickets? It’s not a spell. There are only a few things that forbid you to get a tatkal booking confirmation. You have to be faster than a robot to confirm your tickets.

There are quite a few tips and tricks that you should know to book your tickets in order. After reading these tips and tricks, you’d be surprised to know about these minor issues that forbid you to get your tattoos confirmed!

Prerequisites for IRCTC Tatkal Booking

There are few things you should check in advance and prepare details before you continue to book IRCTC Tattoo.

IRCTC_logo-online-tatkal booking train tickets
IRCTC_logo-online-tatkal booking train tickets

Route details containing the train number, train name, boarding and destination (including station codes), details of passengers traveling with you, type of journey, etc.
Write all these details in the manual and keep it at hand.
See how much it will cost you to book your tatkal tickets and make sure your account / card has a good balance. This may seem very stupid, but even the lack of INR 10 can cost you.
You always have a backup plan to choose another train only if you can not book tickets at the selected train.
Keep your debit card / credit card / internet banking details written (or useful) to prevent delays in submitting details.
You always have a backup plan so that you can book tickets with another train only if the tickets are not booked.
Select the trains with the highest number of seats available within the tatkal quota.
Remember that you can book only twice using the IRCTC user ID in the month. If you’ve already used your ID twice a month, you can not use it three times. Just make sure your ID is not used before. The last dive with a view to creating a new user ID will not be useful because you will also need to consider checking your account, adding a cash account,

Methods to Book online Tatkal Train Tickets Confirmation in 2017

Methods to Book online Tatkal Train Tickets Confirmation in 2017
Methods to Book online Tatkal Train Tickets Confirmation in 2017

Method1: Using Auto Fill Extension (90% Success)

Auto Fill Extension is one of the best option to be chosen but it should handled with care , which reduces the time you need to enter the data during the IRCTC tatkal booking. It’s an option to help you fill out details (such as passenger names, age, etc.) and save details of your trip. Using this extension will help you automatically fill in the data during IRCTC booking.

Visit the site
Install the plugin into the Google Chrome browser and it is also compatible with firefox browser.
After installation of the plugin, open it.
Fill all details of your journey.
IRCTC password
Passenger details (name, age, sex, birth preference)
You can also fill the payment details if you are using credit card/debit card for payment.
After filling the data, click ‘Save Form’ button.

Open the IRCTC website and log in to your account.
After selecting the train and the preferred class, choose BOOK TICKET option.
Click on the plugin, it will fill the data for you.
Choose the PAYMENT Option and enter the details.
Enter the payment details and you will get the tickets confirmed. If you have already filled the payment details, ignore this step.

Method2: Using Magic AutoFill by Amit Agrawal (100% Success)

Magic auto fill is a simple tool designed to speed-up the tatkal booking process. This is not a tool designed or backed by IRCTC or Indian Railways. IRCTC Magic autofill is an individual program, developed by Amit Agarwal. IRCTC has no endorsements towards this tool.

Methods to Book online Tatkal Train Tickets Confirmation in 2017
Methods to Book online Tatkal Train Tickets Confirmation in 2017

Many online users would have wondered why there is an option in the Google search engine page, ‘I’m feeling lucky’ and now you will know it.

Go to this page,
Fill the reservation form giving all details of the journey, from passenger details to payment details.
Click ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button.
Just add it to the bookmarks toolbar by drag and drop. (Use Google Chrome and if you are directed, install Google Chrome Extension)

Now go to the IRCTC Website and click on created bookmark to fill the form automatically.

In case if you are using Internet Explorer, add Magic autofill as your favourites.

So, when you open the IRCTC tatkal train ticket, you can just click on the Magic button in the bookmarks toolbar to select the details of the train. The Magic AutoFill tool fills in details per second with just a click. (Also provides payment option)

It saves a lot of time, even if it can be a few seconds.

It seems that the Magic Autofill option helps to increase your chances of confirming Tatkal tickets.

Check out the video below Amit Agrawal very well explained how to use Magic Autofill for booking eTicket.

Log in to the IRCTC website 3 minutes ahead of you

This is the most important aspect to be considered. Always sign up for the site about 3 minutes before opening the tatkal ticket.

AC Class Tatkal Booking Time – 10 AM

Sleeper Class Tatkal Booking Time – 11 AM

Tatkal Charges 2017

Tatkal Charges for Second Class (2S): 10% of base fare
Tatkal Charges for Sleeper Category (SL): 30% of base fare
Tatkal Charges for Third AC (3A): 30% of base fare
Tatkal Charges for Second AC (2A) : 30% of base fare
Tatkal Charges for First AC (1A): 30% of base fare

Other Factors Which also Ensures 100% Confirmed Tatkal Ticket:

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1) High-Speed Internet

Speed Matters: This is very important for the IRCTC tatkal reservation. With high-speed internet connection, you can not even think of tatkal tickets.

If you have a decent speed with the internet connection, you can book tatkal entries in 20 seconds (taking into account all other factors). Is not it very easy?

The IRCTC site will already be loaded over tonne hours. In this way, Internet-based high-speed Internet providers should make sure that authoritative providers such as BSNL, MTNL, etc. are prevented by Internet’s tactical hours. Do not seize local internet service providers.

To improve the speed of the internet, close all other devices and applications that you use using Wi-Fi. For example, log in to any application such as Skype, Facebook, email accounts, etc., or to reduce internet speed. Simply clear your browser and only save the IRCTC website while the website is open. Disable all automatic download options on your computer.

If you connect your mobile Wi-Fi (using the internet connection you want to book), disconnect it until you book your Wi-Fi mobile phone.

Also, leave your browser blank and you do not have to enter any area to store your tickets in yellow.

2) Computer Speed – Make Your Computer Ready for IRCTC Tatkal Booking

Everyone has a good internet speed (not just high-speed internet access) and self-financing and other necessary tools. But why most users book tickets?

The IRCTC tatkal reserve is affected by so many small factors. The speed of your computer is one of the elements you can book for confirmed tickets.

Computer speed is very important for IRCTC tatkal tickets.
Restart the computer and close the applications, programs, and temporary files. Make sure your computer is only used for IRCTC tatalk bookings.
It’s like a saint until he’s registered under the quota. Make sure you are not disturbed.

3) Temporarily Disable Anti-Virus Software

Yes, it is indeed necessary to increase the speed of the Tatar reservations. Antivirus software checks and controls all incoming and outgoing communications. It does not allow you to quickly book and delay the process. It’s a matter of a few seconds (or even a second delay can affect you) whether you have a confirmed IRCTC tatkal booking or waitlite ticket. Temporarily deactivate the anti-virus until your tickets are booked.

4) Choosing the Right Browser

While the firefox is a relatively good browser, it consumes more resources on your computer. If your computer has low RAM, it slows down the booking process and eventually may not be able to book a ticket.

Google Chrome is the best browser yet and you can fully rely on it when booking IRCTC Tattoo. It works faster and more efficiently on a low-budget system. It also works faster than any advanced browser.

Successfully booked IRCTC Tattoo literally connects Google Chrome, the right browser.

5) Selecting Reliable Payment Option

IRCTC is tied to many payment service providers and banks. Almost all banks are listed in the MAKE PAYMENT offer.

Most users prefer SBI Payment Gateway or SBI Debit / Credit Card (SBI is closely related to IRCTC). SBI and IRCTC together issued special SBI credit and debit cards. Excessive use is high and the payment gate is very slow during tatcal hours. It is better to avoid paying the SBI for booking IRCTC Tatkal Booking.

You can use the Citi, ICICI or HDFC payment gateway, which is relatively faster than the SBI gateway.

However, you need to avoid the possibility of paying inputs that will often redirect you to too many pages.

Since IRCTC eWallet can not be used during the clock, you can use the PayTm wallet to pay for tickets. You should, however, create an eWallet account in advance and save money. Using the PayTm wallet saves you a few seconds (which is very important) when it comes to entering card details or net banking data.

If you use pure banking, some banks require 3D secure authentication. For example, sometimes CITI Bank or Axis Bank require a 3D authentication password.

You should specify the date of birth, card details, PIN, verification password for a secure 3D transaction,

This is another process that slows down the booking of tattoos. If you have not already created a secure 3D password, it may take a while before you generate a new password and verify your payment. So if you encounter this additional verification process that provides a payment gateway, just forget about the IRCTC reservation and you will not get a valid ticket.

Sometimes your bank may ask for a password verification (one-time verification) to confirm the payment immediately after you click on “Make a payment” on your bank account page. The net banking server will take a minute or at least 30 seconds to generate a password and send it to your mobile phone. So the reservation will be delayed again.

In order to avoid these delays that may affect the receipt of confirmed tatkal tickets, you can go to the PayTM wallet.

6) Captcha Entries

Captcha items have many times troubles you. It is assumed that all Captcha items displayed during tattoal clocks are difficult to perform. Entering incorrect capture and retesting may take some time. The number of unsuccessful sign-in with incorrect captcha increases the difficulty of captured text. So, use this option, captcha reload and zoom captcha before typing to see it clearly.

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7) Problem of network latency

Well, it can be a new term for many IRCTC users. This means that the distance is very good! Long-distance relationships are not always very successful and the IRCTC Tattoo booking is a great example !!!

Yes, the IRCTC server is located in New Delhi. If you book tickets from any location located in New Delhi or from the IRCTC server building, you can easily book tickets tapped in seconds. It consumes a few more seconds for a person from Mumbai or Chennai or Hyderabad to continue booking IRCTC Tatkal. Of course, these few seconds (even if only one second) count a lot!

So if you have a friend in New Delhi, ask him to book tickets for you!

Please note: If you are logging in at exactly 10:00 if you have a login error (eg, a captcha error), the re-login will be delayed. If you log in multiple times, your captcha records will be very difficult to perform and make a successful login attempt. In addition, due to the huge IRCTC traffic, it will be loaded slowly. All this may take less than a minute or two, and all places will be reserved at checkout !!!!

When you consider the above, all these elements are interconnected. For example, if you have a high-speed connection but do not install Google Chrome, you’re having trouble. Similarly, if you do not use the AutoFill extension, you may charge the delay.

So no more unsuccessful transactions during IRCTC Tatkal Booking !!! Take good luck forward.
If you have any problem or have any doubts, please contact us, our experts will immediately respond to your inquiry.

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