RAC Tatkal Waiting List Tatkal Booking Refunds /Cancellation charges

Tatkal Waiting List Tatkal Booking Refunds /Cancellation charges

Tatkal Waiting TQWL

What is CKWL (TQWL) Tatkal Waiting List?

For Tatkal ticket waiting list issued earlier CKWL which was changed to TQWL Indian Railways from December 2016.

If tatkal ticket goes up, he immediately receives a confirmation and does not pass through a state of the RAC, unlike GNWL.

When the chart preparation, the total waiting list (GNWL) preferably tatkal waiting list (TQWL) so tatkal waiting list tickets are less likely to be confirmed.

Tatkal ticket waitlist, refund of fare shall be granted in accordance with rule less clerkage.

Tatkal Booking Refunds / Cancellation

IRCTC_logo-online-tatkal booking train tickets
IRCTC_logo-online-tatkal booking train tickets

No fee is refunded for the confirmed Tatkal ticket.
In the case of a waiting ticket, the refund of the fee is paid in accordance with the lesser rule.

Full refund of tolls and fees will be provided for tickets booked under the Tatkal Schedule in the following circumstances:

If the train is delayed by more than 3 hours at the commencement of the passenger’s journey rather than at the embarkation point, if the passenger’s journey with starting point and point of embarkation is different.


If the train is driven on a redirected path and the passenger is not ready for a trip.
If the train is driven on a Diverted Route and the Road Station or destination or both stations are not on a redirect route.

In case of non-alignment of the trainer in which the accommodation of Tatkal is intended and the passenger is not provided accommodation in the same class.

If the game is located in Lower Class and does not want to travel. In the event that a passenger travels to a lower class, the passenger will receive a refund of the difference in the tariff, as well as the difference in taxi costs, if any.


When a Tatkal party or a Tatkal ticket is issued for more than one person, some people have confirmed the reservation, and others wait for the list, full refund of the rate and fewer employees, confirmed by the passengers. The Tatkal card will be delivered before the scheduled departure of the train or for the departure of the train for two hours.

Confirmation of the delayed travel or RAC or waiting list ticket will be authorized for the same class or destination or higher class for the same train or any train for the following days, provided that the following conditions are met:

Ticket paying at the booking office and at least forty-eight hours prior to the scheduled departure of the reserved train.

The confirmed or RAC or waitlisted accommodation is available in the train in which fresh reservation is required.

In case of confirmed ticket, fresh reservation fee for the class for which reservation is required, is paid: and

In case of RAC or wait-listed ticket, clerkage charge is paid

A passenger confirmation or AC or a waiting list Ticket will be accepted for any other high-class or any other train of the same class or destination or class of the same class,
Tickets have been delivered to the booking office during work hours and at least forty-eight hours prior to the scheduled departure of the reserved train.

Confirm or RAC or wait list accommodation must be made available on the train;

In the case of a confirmed ticket, the reservation is made with a fresh booking of the required class; and.
In the case of the RAC or waitlisted ticket, the clerkage charge is paid.
In case of difference in fares for originally booked journey and revised journey, the. difference of fare shall be refunded or recovered, as the case may be, subject to the provisions of sub rules(1) and(2)

The postponement or preponement of journey under the sub-rule(1) or sub-rule(2) shall be allowed only once.

The postponement or preponement of journey on normal train ticket other than Tatkal ticket shall not be applicable against Tatkal Quota even on payment of Tatkal Charges.

Clerk Charges per passenger ( GST Additional for AC Class )

Class             1A/EC      2A       3A       CC      FC      SL      2S
Confirmed    240        200     180      180    200    120     60
RAC/WL         60         60        60       60      60       60      30

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