“Reserve Bank of India looking to exceed Withdrawal limit 40,000”

RBI Reserve Bank of India looking to exceed Withdrawal limit 40,000



RBI India: Ethnic A bank representative said that to examine Reserve Bank of India to improve as much as possible for Rs 40,000, after the demolition of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes flow.

All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA) secretary B S Rambabu said that the division of trading records and tolerating old notes is not easy since most workers are not defined for this.

“To be able to talk to anyone looking at this (bank employees) us. Currently, all banks aimed restoring terrible developments. At this point, the workers are poorly equipped ….

Govt of india said RBI will Increase the withdrawl limt to 40,000

Reserve Bank of India looking to exceed Withdrawal limit 40,000
Reserve Bank of India looking to exceed Withdrawal limit 40,000

We are ready to serve the general population. We have sufficient liquidity in a lower category.

“Banks do not have the stock so from that point. The weight should be placed on RBI to earn enough money. This Rs 10,000 (one day) and Rs 20,000 (one week), the withdrawal must be improved to Rs 30,000 or Rs fast 40,000 by weight and anger among people in general resist, “said Rambabu.

Balance War bottom group would have to be covered in the extended number to take care of the request, including Rambabu.

State Bank of Hyderabad supervision chief Santanu Mukherjee said that they make game plans to move the representatives of different exercises for staff in real money trading counters help coming days.

“We put the money in the ATM, so when they open to individuals in cash. We try to get people who are being made to put together different activities. We will open additional number of counters, as and, “Mukherjee said bad.

From him, SBH has around 2,000 ATMs and about increasing the number of branches of the high country.

RBI said there should a exceed in withdrawl limit in Future also

RBI norms for trade one can only Rs 4,000 notes of Rs 500 old and Rs 1000 a lower division.

G Kranti, secretary Reserve Bank of India Hyderabad Employees Association said that the National Bank is making to adapt and full of action in the circumstances.

“We are willing to work extra hours to ensure the question,” Kranti said.

He said the RBI has taken all appropriate steps to Rs 2000 notes for the bulk of the money between the different sections of banks in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.


There are more than 400 before mid-sections under RBI environment Hyderabad.

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