Reliance jio 4g VoLTE sim working tips to do before buy

Jio SIM not working in your phone? A few tips to settle the.

Reliance jio 4g VoLTE sim working tips to do before buy

Reliance jio 4g sim : Before long – or rather 5 September to be exact – all in India with a phone that underlay 4G innovation will be qualified to jio Welcome offer from Reliance. This means you will get a jio SIM for nothing beside the benefits that accompany it.

What are these benefits? The benefits are “limitless” information, calls and messages for only about three months. Despite the fact that there is a fine print in this – the boundless information is really 4GB each day, which is also liberal – it is protected to say that the offer is truly amazing. What’s more, enticing. No big surprise, many people are going to get the free SIM.

jio 4g Sim working on android smartphone


The problem is that in a large number of phones that individuals have at this moment, is jio SIM will not work. Also in numerous, where it is needed, it can not work until you examine it. In any case, before we end this, do not get the jio SIM if:

– You have a component phone.

– You have a phone that single substrate 2G or 3G. Even some top of the line phones that are more established over 2 years – Xiaomi Mi 4, for example – not strength to 4G.

– You have one and only phone and you are not willing to change your phone number.

– You have a Dual-SIM phone but 4G is maintained at one and only SIM and you are not willing to move your current SIM card out of it.

Reliance jio sim working problem volte voice calls

Currently, we have dealt with these essentials, we should examine the questions you might confront after you put in jio SIM in the phone. The big piece of jio SIM is that it is a nano SIM with the small-scale and full size plug in constructed. Along these lines, see what size will fit your phone and afterwards in the same way exploit connector. In the event that you have a phone purchased for this year, odds are that it will use nano or scale size small.

Reliance jio 4g sim is not supporting all networks

– If this is the problem, you confront, guarantee that you put the SIM in a 4G space. In many dual SIM phones, just the critical opening – number 1 space is full speed, completely unsuccessful SIM moderate. Along these lines, put jio SIM in it.



– Restart the phone.

– Remove the SIM and put it once again.

– Even after the SIM card does not work, the odds are that jio SIM will not likely work with your phone.

Reliance jio 4g sim services perceived no signs yet.

– Make sure the SIM is in the crucial SIM space (opening 1) if your telephone system has dual SIM avail.

– Make sure that the information is activated for the SIM card. On an Android phone, this can be gotten to by pressing the system sign in the notification shade. on the screen Mobile Data warrant information is on.

– Make sure that the system settings are all great, and that you have chosen SIM one as your major SIM for information.

– Make sure your phone is set to work with LTE networks. You can do as such by going to Settings> Mobile Network> preferred system of sorts.

Reliance jio 4g sim services


– If necessary, set the APN to Loop Internet. This is obvious if jio SIM is being perceived in your phone. To check this, go to Settings> Mobile Networks> Access Point Names.

– Try to pick jio as system physically by going to Settings> Mobile networks> Network Operators.

– If jio SIM still does not work, the odds are that it has some products or equipment contradiction in your phone.

SIM works, however no call.

– Install jio Participate application from Google Play Store. This will no doubt solve the problem. Despite the fact that the application currently does not seem to deal with Android Nougat, on the off chance that you have that product on your phone.

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