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‘OPPO F3 Selfie Expert’ Full Specs and OPPO F3 Plus Features price

Oppo F3 first impressions: Rs 19,990, latest smartphone “selfie”. ‘OPPO F3 Selfie Expert’ Full Specs and OPPO F3 Plus Features price.

The Oppo F3 mobile phone was powered at Rs 19,990 and that is our first introduction of this “Selfie Phone”

OPPO F3 Selfie Expert full Specifications

'OPPO F3 and f3 plus Selfie Expert' Full Specs and OPPO F3 Plus Features price (2)
‘OPPO F3 and f3 plus Selfie Expert’ Full Specs and OPPO F3 Plus Features price (2)

OPPO f3 Selfie Expert: Oppo has become a synonym for auto-focused cameras. In India, the Chinese innovation giant has reached a dead end with “Selfie Expert” and average prices. Oppo was one of the five best-known mobile phone brands in India in the fourth quarter of 2016 and the organization continues in this first quarter of 2017.


Oppo has introduced a dual camera configuration in the F3 Plus and similar innovations are currently offered in the latest Oppo F3. The mobile phone is basically free from the transmission of the F3 Plus ancestor and accompanies the smaller screen and additionally the battery measurement. The rear camera is currently 13MP.

The Oppo F3 emphasizes a similar contour dialect, since the F3 Plus, with the exception of the rear-receive line, is not part. Uses a USB 2.0 port to charge. Near the loudspeaker grille is a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Controls and controls for volume controls are in privileges and separate panels.

OPPO F3 Selfie Expert

oppo f3 selfie expert
oppo f3 selfie expert

The Oppo F3 has a uniform metallic contour and the original scanner is implanted in a household closure. An Oppo F3 card can be used with two Nano SIM cards next to a microSD card. There are no mixed breeds. Unlike the F3 Plus, which comes with a 6-inch display, the Oppo F3 has a 5.5-inch screen. The battery size is even smaller at 3200 mAh. I’ve used Oppo F3 for seven days, and here is my first introduction:

The Oppo F3 is a small version of the F3 Plus screen, which I checked earlier. Very little has changed in sketches and execution. The 5.5 “Full HD display is lively and easy to use. The icons appear sharp and the shadow spread is also amazing.

OPPO F3 Selfie Expert Price in India

Oppo F3 first impressions: At Rs 19,990, the latest ‘selfie’ smartphone.

I liked mobile phones with a moderate plan, and the F3 did not confuse me with this front. It is difficult to stay at a smaller size and the back is not dangerous. Make sure the plastic back protects your phone from any contamination or anxiety. A unique fingerprint scanner hurried to open the phone in general events.

The camera is USP’s “Selfie-Expert” Oppo and F3 is not a special case. The mobile phone contains the same 16MP-8MP 120-degree front camera, which we have seen on F3 Plus. The rear camera has changed from 16MP in F3 Plus to 13MP in F3.

The front camera would have inspired most of your colleagues because it gives you incredible results. Images look sharp and close to the original I prefer. The icon in the camera app allows you to switch to Selfie mode when there are more people in the photo. The front 8MP camera is limited to group recording and the 16MP center supports each other.

They can be used with various modes, such as flexitime, glory, display; And additional elements, such as shading channel, dual presentation and GIF motion when using the front camera.

The 13MP reversing camera is also prone to imitate wonderful colors. The results were remarkable because of the unusual points of interest and accurate shading multiplication. Low light images are less grainy and have little detail.

Oppo F3 is a smooth animator. I found this without gaps and gaps in the application even with open tabs. There were no known problems with heating, which is unbelievable when you consider that this is a problem with most metal-body mobile phones. Apps open quickly and switching between the tabs was easy.


Oppo F3 can deal with overwhelming constructional deviations like Asphalt 8 without problems. The Oppo F3 runs the Mediatek MT6750T octahedron processor in combination with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory.

The battery is an important addition to the Oppo F3, which takes effortlessly throughout the day in overwhelming use. For the most part I have Oppo F3 for $ 100 for every penny in the morning before work, daily use of recordings, multitasking, fine tuning of music and browsing the Internet, online accounts; There are still 23-25 ​​for each finished battery.


'OPPO F3 and f3 plus Selfie Expert' Full Specs and OPPO F3 Plus Features price
‘OPPO F3 and f3 plus Selfie Expert’ Full Specs and OPPO F3 Plus Features price

For me, the battery is the culmination of the most demanding things on the phone, and with amazing improvements, the Oppo F3 works well on this front. The Oppo F3 takes about two hours to fully charge the battery by two percent.

Sound quality is not uncommon, and the phone needs two stereo speakers, which is a bit of a push for people like me who have been kicked because of the ability to see a large number of recordings on a cell phone. In view of the value, we certainly expected more in the office.

Information warnings were annoying to me. I should not be mentioned regularly, as I have farewell to a certain measure of information and recommendations that I must stop using comprehensive information. Shocking, this is an ingredient that I can not kill.


Oppo F3 provides decent overall performance, especially in terms of camera and battery. A mobile phone is an inadequate alternative for people who are heavily prone to misery and a sensible F3 plus.

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Oppo F3 first impressions: At Rs 19,990, the latest ‘selfie’ smartphone. Oppo F3 smartphone has been launched at Rs 19,990 and here's our first impression of this 'selfie phone'.
Brand: OPPO F3 Selfie Expert
Manufacturer: OPPO
Model: F3

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