Meet New Features of iPhone X, 8, 8Plus NXT Gen iPhone

Meet the Future Phone Apple iPhone X, Apple’s with New Top-End Featured Handset

The new iPhone X gets more news on any device from the original iPhone. This is a complete redevelopment product, and even looks at what the iPhone can become when the world does not want smartphones.

Of course, you probably will not buy. Even if you can afford a very high price, putting your iPhone X hands in the coming months will be like hunting for the Holy Grail. Except for fanciful cases, it is the right answer.

Today, at a party in Cupertino, which doubled as the opening of a new space ship on campus, Apple introduced three new iPhones. Yes, three.

IPhone 8 and 8 Plus update existing models without changing them completely. (More on the second.) The third model of the iPhone X is a completely different matter.
Meet X

Future Smartphone called Apple iPhone X

First, X does not look like no other phone. It does not even look like the iPhone. On the front is the head-to-head screen, with the exception of a small trapezoid cutout removed from the top, where Apple places cameras and auto detectors.

Meet New Features of iPhone X, 8, 8Plus NXT Gen iPhone
Meet New Features of iPhone X, 8, 8Plus NXT Gen iPhone

Otherwise, the cover around the edge of the phone has been reduced to close and the home button has disappeared – all screens and nothing else.

The housing is made of glass and stainless steel, just like the beloved iPhone 4. The tilted screen may get used to, but the phone is amazing. It is on sale from $ 999 on October 27th and is shipped November 3rd.

The screen itself, called the Super Retina Display, is an OLED 1125×2436 screen that has been manufactured by Samsung. This is the first OLED technology used by Apple on the iPhone and offers many benefits.

The normal LCD screen even black pixels appear, which means you never see the real black, it is very dark green. OLEDs on the other hand may turn on some pixels, but not others, which means that black pixels simply turn off.

Your dark colors look much darker, other colors are even richer and even the text becomes more pleasing to read. Apple also introduced TrueTone technology to whiten the screen on different screens, which should look even better.

Apple iPhone X Lose its Home Button

Because there is no home button on the front, several function functions have been moved to the power button, which Apple apparently calls a “side button” now.

Click and hold Siri, double-click Apple Pay. There is still an identity in the phone, even if there is little more than a window.

Everything-IPhoneX Apple iPhone X Lose its Home Button
Everything-IPhoneX Apple iPhone X Lose its Home Button

Even with the huge screen, the iPhone X looks more like the iPhone 7. The iPhone screen ratio was still one of the smallest in the industry, thanks to the home button and Apple’s eternal love for symmetry design.

Getting rid of the home button has allowed the designer team Jony Ive to get rid of a lot more, imagine the iPhone 7, but everywhere is metal, imagine the screen. This is the iPhone X.

Like the other two phones, the iPhone X launches the latest Apple processor, the Bionic A11, with three RAM cards. It has been many years since the iPhone wanted to process power, but the iPhone X X might need everything that can be obtained.

The whole system needs to work, but Apple seems to think that the iPhone X was designed to deepen the burgeoning of artificial intelligence and deepened reality. Both require serious.

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A complete Full Screen Display by Apple NXT iPhone series

The battery life indicated by the iPhone X has improved: Apple says it lasts two hours longer than the iPhone 7 and has a charger. After years of observation of unauthorized and multi-standard support for the Android ecosystem, Apple finally to play.

You do not have to put your X on the wall to load it; Simply place it on the induction cushion. Apple adopts the Qi standard, so it will work with existing Qi blocks by companies such as Mophie and Belkin.

Apple also launches its own AirPower charger for iPhone and Apple Watch.

Camera, of course, has always one of the outstanding features of the iPhone. Implement a series of experience enhancements: you can make full-resolution full-length movie or 4K movie-style movie.

With the new portrait lighting mode, you can set the flash on the iPhone back to more naturally finish a little or make it look like the person you are photographed is illuminated by the spotlight on the stage. Depends on you.

The rear cover of the camera has to rotate about 90 degrees so that the rim is able to extend vertically . Inside there are 12-megapixel, dual cameras, like the iPhone 8 Plus, with f / 1.8 and f / 2.4 holes. Two stabilization of the optical image suppresses the shake in both cameras.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 also has it and looks amazing. The iPhone X also includes the True Tone flash.

New Best Top Feature of Apple iPhone X, Turn and Face the Strange

As for the way you actually use your iPhone, new face recognition can be the most important new feature of the iPhone X.

When you start using the iPhone X, you will be able to go through a brief configuration, the opposite version to register your fingerprint, and you will see the camera facing forward, framing the face only then you turn your head to the left and to the right so that the iPhone sensors can have a good overview.

FaceIDInline-New Feature FaceID by Apple to iPhone Xlovers
FaceIDInline-New Feature FaceID by Apple to iPhone Xlovers

After setting up a facial identifier, this feature replaces the fingerprint. Unlock the phone holding him on his face, turning things around by holding him on the face and signing applications … holding him on his face.We must pay attention to the premiere of the phone, and Apple said that so extensive work to make sure that the mask and pictures can not be fooled.


Apple seems to think that functionality is a way to help while using the phone while using it. The IPhone X can check if the phone is in use before closing the screen, and if you see it, you will not be able to listen to alert tones.

There are many things Apple can do when it knows that if you look at your phone, many of them are chilly and some of them are very scary. (Remember to read Andy Greenberg’s first dive for Face Identification).

New Feature FaceID by Apple to iPhone lovers

These facial recognition features are possible thanks to many cameras and sensors packed in this cutout at the top of the screen.

FaceIDTA-New Feature FaceID by Apple to iPhone X lovers
FaceIDTA-New Feature FaceID by Apple to iPhone X lovers

The TrueDepth table, as it is called an apple, designs dots on the face infrared to the map, captures the image, and then uses a precious processor to interpret the face data.The promise is that you can always be sure that you can really look at the phone even if you wear glasses or change your hair or use a beard.


The same technology that manages the face tag also wakes up to life in the new Animoji, which iMessage emoticons that lead to the face so you can put your voice in the mouth of a unicorn or dog. Not terrible!

Apple introduced a facial identifier both safer and more comfortable than a fingerprint, and stage shows are sure to look that way. It’s very fast; About as fast as Touch ID. But Samsung and others have already tried to make the feature work, and this is neither safe nor practical.

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Its all About a Number “8” Samsung galaxy 8 and Apple iPhone 8

If the iPhone X is coming soon, Apple still offers two new models.

IPhone 8 and 8 Plus all look like iPhone 7 with buttons! – but they offer some improvements to fit the iPhone X. Both new models support wireless charging, launch of the latest Bionic A11 processors, and have 2 RAM.

New Best Top Feature of Apple iPhone X, Turn and Face the Strange
New Best Top Feature of Apple iPhone X, Turn and Face the Strange

They also have a glass back which gives them a new glossy look. They do not have OLED screens, but they have the same TrueTone technology as X and can shoot 4K videos. Most of the time, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus would be S-type phones, a mid-range update. But this year, partly as a demonstration of strength, and partly to follow Note and Galaxy Note, these are iPhones 8.

You can buy them in black, silver and freshly refurbished gold trim for $ 699, and for regular $ 799 too big. On September 15, you can order 8 and 8 Plus, and the phones will arrive at the store on September 22.

If you were obsessively following the gossip and the micrograms leaks, some of the ads on the iPhone were a surprise. After Tim Cook promised to “double the mystery”, the secrets spread faster than ever.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg pointed to a few details of the device, as did Steve Troughton Smith. The biggest leak occur on last weekend, just days before the announcement, when the final version of iOS 11 was leak to 9to5Mac. The firmware was completely has its details, from Animoji photos, to installation videos of the identifiers to the names of new devices. This was Apple’s biggest announcement for years, and perhaps the least surprising.

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Now Apple iPhone has many New Unique Features that a Smartphone must have

Yet the iPhone X should keep you awake. Not only because it’s cool and futuristic, it’s a giant step closer to the “palm-only” device imaginable by science fiction lovers.

This iPhone offers many important ideas. Apple has the unique ability to do, say, wireless charging and between three new models, Apple immediately makes the right whatever it decides.

First of all the iPhone X makes a powerful statement that the enriched reality will come. Maybe already there. When Apple launched the iPhone 10 years ago, the device was three: phone, instant messenger and iPod. This is so much more now, so many other people, but the iPhone X may be the first to redesign around achieve a new specific goal.

The more dynamic the screen, the vertically stacked cameras, the smaller the glasses, the faster the processor, all these things work together to make the iPhone X work mainly on what’s going on the other side. You should not look at this device, but by that.


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