Lion POUNCES at little Boy in Zoo | Two year old boy faces with lion

Lion Pounces at Two Year Old Little boy in Zoo.



This is the incredible moment a lion pounced on a small child – but was only stopped by the glass that separates him from the outside world .

Cat Head great success for the first time on the screen of housing after ramming the two – year – old seconds after the young man turned his back .

The lion , which can run at speeds up to 50 mph, was locked in a staring contest with visitors at a zoo in Japan.

He wandered under a rock and a privileged position right in front of the child.

If the young man, dressed in a bright yellow jacket , does not look at the big cat he had a chance to go ahead before reaching full -force on the wall of the housing.

Lion Runs very fast to catch the little boy

Lion POUNCES at little Boy in Zoo | Two year old boy faces with lion
Lion POUNCES at little Boy in Zoo | Two year old boy faces with lion

Lion efforts to strike at the little boy hammers in glass.

Lion hits glass trying to get the little boy.

Camera gets zoo lion rushing to baby and face-plants on glass divider.

Lion at Japan zoo tries kid paw through glass.

WATCH: Boy has close experience with lion at zoo.



Lion crashing against glass fenced area at Japan zoo staring after challenge with child.

ZOO NEWS from around the world – If you claim a feline, you realize that they squat and jump while playing.

The same was accumulated on the band, but with a much larger feline – a 400-pound lion in a zoo in Chiba, Japan.

A two-year-old boy got a nearby experience when the lion hurled after the boy turned his back.

The exciting news is that a glass partition was to isolate the two when the lion jumped, his face breaking into the distributor.

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Two Year Boy little kid attached by lion in japan zoo

The glass divider is just a month old, so lions to see their huboy guests more than almost any time in recent history.

Zookeepers say the lion demonstrations also every time he sees a little boy, and essentially have to play with them.

Do you think the lion was just playing?

In any case, it’s really great that glass divider is thick!

Then, at a zoo in Belgium, the introduction of a baby panda, which looks more like a bald rodent, known as a supernatural event.

Just three months after reporting that the mother panda Hao was inseminated, she was considering transferring her small child pregnant in her mouth.

Authorities in Pairi Daiza Zoo say stay below 2,000 pandas in the wild, and that panda births in bondage are very uncommon.

Finally, a stranded baby gorilla at the Louisville Zoo, Kentucky is scanning another mother.

3-month-old Kindi weighs only six-and-a-half pounds.

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Lion POUNCES at little Boy in Zoo | Two year old boy faces with lion



Her mother kicked the bucket in the middle of its introduction into the world, so zookeepers wear a hairy gorilla vest while strengthening and playing with Kindi ,.

“She is the achievement of a ton of the reference points. She has two teeth now, and we wear a woven vest constantly, and we are trying to realize her what it looks like a gorilla, “said Zoo Assistant Mammal Curator Jill Kakta.

The zoo staff remains at Kindi 24 hours a day, confident that one of their female gorillas can quickly turn into its surrogate.

It’s a scene that would not look odd in a session of “What’s the time Mr Wolf.

A heart video Chiba prevent, Japan shows a little boy playing Judas in a lion corner only for the cat to charge forward and jumping – just stopped by the glass partition.

The amiable to, the crack can be seen viewing the male lion only two years by the stones at the rear of the huge class enclosed space.

Amazingly, the boy did not flee, he twists around to face the lion, his hand was faltering in reverse.

Possibly in his infantile guiltlessness thought he was the big cat was just an attempt to play.

As stated by the zookeepers lion count probably over 400 pounds. They guarantee he is regularly confirmed when he sees small children and need to play with them.

The glass display was set up in April to authorize guests to a more critical take a look at the wonderful creatures.

Online observers were stunned at the images.

“It’s an amazing video. Just the momentum of the lion, once the child was turned back. Just goes to show you … ”

The lion had secured a stare challenge to the adolescent even when the two-year-old turned the massive feline leap.

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Lion POUNCES at little Boy in Zoo | Two year old boy faces with lion

WATCH: A lion in a zoo in Japan reacts after a challenge with a two-year-old boy.

Behind you! Alarming minutes lion thunders still mistreats towards a small baby in the glass walled area of ​​the zoo

However, huge lion pounces on two-year-old boy at the zoo after adolescent crushes his back transforms careless in glass

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Lion louts in glass trying to jump on little kids at zoo

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Lion costs and jumps on little boy in zoo – but crashes into glass

Lion Roars Pounces and 2-year-old boy Before Batting Face First Into Glass

Lion Pounces at two year old little boy in zoo. A small kid attacked by wild lion in zoo in japan. This is the incredible moment a lion pounced on a small child.

Watch video : Lion Pounces a little boy in zoo



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