iPhone X sold out on Flipkart, Airtel Online Store, Tata CLiQ within minutes

From taking a horse carriage procession to buy a new iPhone for the X hours of waiting in the queue before the retail stores may open, the most expensive of Apple’s iPhone were Indian supporters clamoring to buy it.

Tim Kuk has supported the company introduced the X iPhone in September of this year, to celebrate ten years of the launch of the first iPhone to Apple.

IPhone X was scheduled to be released in India on 3 November.

iPhone X sold out on Flipkart, Airtel Online Store, Tata CLiQ within minutes

But less than a week to sell iPhone X and websites and stores in stand-alone mode, flashing “not to stock” signs.

IPhone X was included in AirTel online store sold “within minutes”, as in the report of India today said on Saturday.

iPhone X sold out on Flipkart, Airtel Online Store, Tata CLiQ within minutes
iPhone X sold out on Flipkart, Airtel Online Store, Tata CLiQ within minutes

Sales of iPhone X in retail stores see long lines of Apple fans who also went home disappointed, the report said.

Flipkart which also milked the launch of the new iPhone, to manage the sale on their Web sites do not currently have any of the iPhone X options for sale. Both versions iPhone X had rolled from the company’s website.

Tata CLiQ, which announced pre-orders for iPhone X Friday night was also their stock sold out within a few minutes. phone will start shipping from November 7, the company said.

Online and offline retailers are now waiting for the new shares in the iPhone X, which will come only after a waiting period of two months, according to IANS report.

For analysts, iPhone X was to amortize the asset, and they advised people to better invest in mutual funds or money market.

Touted to be one of the “most expensive” phones ever created Apple, the company has released several proposals in association with online and offline retailers.

The initial price of the phone in India from Rs 84,000 for it 64 GB version and Rs 1,02,000 for GB version of the iPhone X 128.

India is the second highest among the countries where the iPhone X was listed as the most expensive phone, but on a graph, put Statista September 21 while the most expensive place to buy iPhone X was Russia, where it will cost $ 1,390.30 customers.

Airtel online store offers cashback of its postpaid customers using Citibank credit card to make a purchase. Reliance Jio also offers 70% discount on the redemption of the phone subject to your network subscription.

E-commerce giant Amazon and Flipkart has also been deployed to offer over the phone.

The huge demand surge from the fans of Apple Inc, iPhone posted a share of the company soaring in the “all-time high,” on Friday. Apple`s shares rose 3% compared to the NASDAQ, which has led to a market capitalization of almost $ 890 billion.

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