72nd – Why India Celebrates Independence day On AUG 15 ? Reason

India Got Its Independence Day on Aug 15 1947. Why India celebrates Independence on Aug 15?

At-least in a year we the people of India can celebrate independence day without any caste and religion. In Delhi the historic Red Fort is illuminated with a large number of lamps ahead on this 72nd Independence Day of India.

With unique lighting, the historical monument offers spectacular views to commuters. From the well-known tourist destinations in Delhi, the Red Fortress has been of great importance in India’s history, as the first Prime Minister, Javakhallal Nun, raised the national flag above the Lahor Gate. Since that time, the Indian Prime Minister raises the national flag every year (Tricolour Flag) at the main gate of the world heritage site.

Why India Celebrates Independence day On AUG 15 ? Reason

In 1929, when Jawaharlal Nehru as Congress president, gave the call to ‘Poorna Swaraj’ or autonomy all outside the British standard border on January 26 he was chosen as the Independence Day. In fact, the Congress Party continued to praise 1930 in the halls until India achieved autonomy and January 26, 1950 was chosen as the Republic Day – the day India formally became a sovereign nation and no more was a British dominion.

On Aug 15 1947 India @Independence day

Why India Celebrates Independence day On AUG 15 Reason

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So how did August 15 independence day Turn in India? After all, Lord Mountbatten had given an order by the British Parliament for the exchange of force on 30 June 1948. In the remote chance that had remained until June 1948, in the essential words of C Rajagopalachari, there would have been no force left to change. Therefore, it boosted Mounthatten date August 1947.

Indian Independence day on Aug 15

Why India Celebrates Independence day On AUG 15 Reason
Why India Celebrates Independence day On AUG 15 Reason

By then, Mountbatten guaranteed propelling date, you are guaranteed that there will be slaughter or fuss. He was obviously to be proved wrong, despite the fact that later tried to legitimize is saying that “whenever pioneering principle is over, has not been shed. That is the amount paid.”

In view of the inputs of the bill Mountbatten Indian Independence was presented in the House of Commons on July 4, 1947 and entered in a fortnight. the end of the British first settled in India, August 15, 1947, and the founding of the dominions of India and Pakistan, which were allowed to withdraw from the British Commonwealth.

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Why India Celebrates Independence day On AUG 15 ? Reason

Mountbatten later said, quoted in Freedom at Midnight, that “The date I picked left the blue. I got in response to a question. I was determined to prove he was an expert of all time. When asked if we had established a date, I knew it should be soon that he had not worked out precisely then – .. I thought it should be around August or September and then went to the fifteenth August Why Since it was the second commemoration of the surrender of Japan?. ”

Why India Celebrates Independence day On AUG 15 Reason
Why India Celebrates Independence day On AUG 15 Reason

On August 15, 1945, Japanese Emperor Hirohito gave a recorded radio location, which later became known as the Jewel of voice broadcast. In the location of radio, he reported Japan’s surrender to the Allies. Mountbatten received the news of the Japanese surrender day sitting in the living Churchill, and as the Supreme Allied Commander South East Asia Command marked formal Japanese surrender in Singapore on September 4, 1945.

However, how do you get the autonomy of Pakistan on August 14? He really did not. The bill Independence India gave August 15 as the date of freedom for both nations. The primary stamp issued by Pakistan said on August 15 as the day of autonomy. In his first delivery to Pakistan, Jinnah actually said, “August 15 is the birthday of free and sovereign state of Pakistan. The satisfaction of the predetermining the Muslim country made impressive penances in the last two years to have their country denote . “

Aug 15 1947 Indian independence day

In 1948 , Pakistan began checking on August 14 as a day of autonomy , whether in light of the fact that the service for the movement of force in Karachi was hanged on August 14, 1947 or on the grounds that the August 14, 1947 is the 27th of Ramadan , a holy day for Muslims.

Whatever the situation , 69 years later, India and Pakistan praised his hard fought freedom with energetic enthusiasm. Dates , independently, have much less criticality of the mission of conveying products to the great freedom unlimited number of individuals of the two nations .

After independence day india achievements in all the sectors: Modi JI as on PM Prime minister  Government of India Increase Tax

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