How to Apply Kalyana lakshmi Scheme Online Procedure

How to Apply Kalyana lakshmi Scheme Online Step by Step Procedure

Bride from Backward Classes (BC) and economically backward sections will soon receive 75.116 each for their marriage, along with their colleagues from SC, ST and minority communities.

(TRS), Telangana Rashtra Samithi government raised the amount from 51,000 to 75.116 on the scheme Hookah Lakshmi Pathakam. More than 40 thousand young women from backward classes and economically backward sections benefited from the scheme in the last fiscal.


BC welfare department officials said they expect the application of more than 75,000 brides mark of backward classes and economically backward sections of the current fiscal year.

How to Apply Kalyana lakshmi Scheme Online Procedure

How to Apply Kalyana lakshmi Scheme Online Procedure bride
How to Apply Kalyana lakshmi Scheme Online Procedure bride

The state government has allocated Rs 400 for the circuit. It may be noted that all these girls, who are aged 18 years and are residents of Telangana, belonging to SC, ST, BC and eeconomically backward sections with a combined annual income of their parents, who do not exceed 2 lakh in urban areas and 1, 5 lakh in rural areas are eligible for the scheme.

Telugu Desam MLA and President of the National Welfare Backward Classes Association R Krishnaiah welcomed the government’s decision to increase the amount up to 75.116, but was told that it would be more appropriate if it would be increased to 1 lakh for the bride. “Even if the amount is increased, the total budget for this activity will not cross Rs 1,000,” he added.

Kalyana Lakshmi Pathakam. Bride Particulars …. Place of marriage* (Name of the temple/Kalyana Mandapam/any other institution):. Address of marriage place

Telangana State Government Schemes Kalyana Lakshmi Pathakam, Application Form and process to apply for it. Widening its welfare agenda, the Telangana government has announced a novel scheme for the SC/ST, BC-A,B,D, EDC (Listed & others) girls – Kalyana Lakshmi. A one-time financial assistance of Rs 51,000 will be provided to the bride’s family at the time of marriage to meet the marriage related expenses.

A Telangana resident girl, over 18 years of age, belonging to SC or ST BC-A,B,D, EDC (Listed & others) communities with a combined annual income of her parents not exceeding Rs 2 lakh is eligible for the Scheme. The Scheme became operational from 2 October, 2014.

How to apply Kalyana Lakshmi Pathakam SCHEME ONLINE

Before Applying for KLP schemes just check the below-mentioned documents are available with you.

How to Apply Kalyana lakshmi Scheme Online Procedure bride
How to Apply Kalyana lakshmi Scheme Online Procedure bride

1st Marriage confirmation
VRO/Panchayath Secretary Approval Certificate
Bride’s Photo
Age proof certificate
Bride’s Scanned Aadhar Copy
Bride Groom’s Scanned Aadhar Copy
Bride Mother’s Scanned Bank pass book
Bride’s Scanned Bank pass book


Bride’s (GIRL) Photo: OF Applicant
Age proof certificate: OF Applicant
Bride’s Scanned Aadhar Copy: OF Applicant
Bride Groom’s (MEN) Scanned Aadhar Copy: Husband
Scanned Bank pass book: OF Applicant


Everyone applying for this scheme need to know some basic guidelines. To avail, this financial assistance one apply online or go to the nearest mee-Seva Center.

To apply online go to

Before navigating to the official site, check the documents and details needed:

SSC Details of the girl (Only if bride studied till SSC, it is not mandatory).
Aadhar Number of the bride
Bride’s mother name (as per bank account)
Bride’s mother Aadhar Number
Income Certificate
Meeseva Caste Certificate
Bride Bank account details (optional).
Bride’s mother bank account details (Important) (Any Bank)
Date, place and address of marriage

Kalyana Lakshmi Pathakam for BC-A, BC-B, BC-D & EBC (Listed) (Others)

How to apply Kalyana Lakshmi Pathakam SCHEME ONLINE?

Before Applying Once Check Kalyana Lakshmi scheme in Telangana Complete Details

Step by Step Procedure for Applying Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme:

Step1: Open the Official Link Kalyana Lakshmi Pathakam

TelanganaEpass Click Here or

Step2: Just Click on KALYANA LAKSHMI PIC as Shown below.

Kalyana lakshmi Scheme in Telangana

Click On Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme

Step3: Now you can see Kalyana Lakshmi Pathakam Services.

1)For Register (This Option for New Application)
2)For Print. (This Option for Print Application after apply)

Kalyana Lakshmi pathakam

Kalyana Lakshmi SCHEME

Step4: Details of the bride:

Here Don’t Get Confused SSC Details Available:

If YES (Only SSC Details To be added EXTRA along with other information)
If No (Other Information should be filled)

BRIDE Mean Name of the Girl.

BRIDE Groom means Name of the Husband.

Just view the Below Image (It is an EXAMPLE To Apply for Kalyana Lakshmi Pathakam SCHEME)
Kalyana Lakshmi pathakam scheme Online Application Form
Apply Kalyana Lakshmi pathakam scheme Application Form

Finally After Uploading the Scanned Copies
Just Enter the Captcha CODE in the box and Click on SUBMIT.
Yes, it’s Successfully Completed and you can Print the Applied Copy.

If You Forgot to print It Then Don’t Worry.
you can Get the Form by at step 3 (CHECK-STEP 3)

Kalyana Lakshmi schemes in Telangana

Telangana Kalyana Lakshmi Pathakam Apply Online

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