GST Impact: No More Mid-Night Bars and Restaurants on June 30

Bars and Restaurants need to be closed on june 30th before mid-night before GST Launch on July 1st.

Their is More Impact on Bars and Restaurants form July 1st 2017

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GST Impact News: No More Mid-Night Bars and Restaurants on June 30th 2017

GST Impact: No More Mid-Night Bars and Restaurants on June 30: In order to avoid a midnight attempt on goods and services tax (GST), which will begin on July 1, bars and restaurants in India on June 30 will be closed by midnight. The restaurant in India will be at 11:30 and roughly midnight to switch to the new GST taxes.

GST Impact: No More Mid-Night Bars and Restaurants on June 30
GST Impact: No More Mid-Night Bars and Restaurants on June 30

“It’s a technical fault. Systems must be reactivated to implement GST software, and this can happen if we are open for business on Saturday at 12:00. So orders after midnight can not be charged with GST, “said the head of Oceanic Restaurant Oceanic Restaurant in Chembur, TOI reported.



While the restaurant was waiting for GST launch on July 1, when GST is eating more expensive, some restaurant owners have allegedly said they upgrade their software automatically to calculate GST on food revenue after June 30 because it will not take the risk.

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Mumbai is one of the largest cities with the largest number of outlets to eat out, according to a 2016 survey by the National Restaurant Association of India.

“We want to avoid confusion and arguments. If the customer orders before midnight, they will be charged according to the current rules and the same customer after midnight makes an additional request, the lower the GST. This will cause an unpleasant situation, “Vishwapal told Shetty, owner of the Lord’s Sea in Worli, TOI reported.

“We will not reassess the tariffs immediately because it will take some time to understand how GST applies to different foods. Finally, paying customers because of our upgrading costs, “said Hemant Oberoi, former chief of Taj Damien, because he plans to wait and see politics.

The Impact of GST (Goods and Services Tax) in India

We can not just change the offer for tax purposes anyway, we will change this setting every six months. These changes will be reflected in the next one, “says another restaurant owner. GST is set to eat expensive. It does not apply to alcohol and restaurants to give two receptions, one for dining with GST and drinking.

GST Impact: No More Mid-Night Bars and Restaurants on June 30
GST Impact: No More Mid-Night Bars and Restaurants on June 30



“The GST will ensure that the bill is heavy because the taxes are hidden. People with no tax on their bills because restaurants with a turnover of Rs 3 crore have given a combined tax of 5%, “Adarsh ​​Shetty, the president said Ahar, which new tax regulates to remove existing taxes, and then charge GST to ensure that, That customers get a big increase. A net increase in your account may be around 7%. “

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