Facebook is celebrating your friendships for its 12th Birthday

Facebook Birthday – FB Completed 12 year 

Facebook birthday on feb 04th 2004 founded by Mark Zuckerberg (key Role) Headed qtrs at Menlo Park, California, US.

FB celebrating its 12 years successful birthday on in year 2016. Facebook was born on feb 04th 2004. 



Facebook Birthday : Facebook Turns to 12 : Facebook turns 12 today, and the interpersonal organization is remembering the occasion with a custom video for a huge number of clients chronicling our rich history of investing a great deal of energy in Facebook. The event, which the organization is calling “Companions Day,” is intended to praise genuine kinships through photographs and life occasions.

Be that as it may, it’s additionally a not really unobtrusive route for Facebook to advance its touchy development throughout the last half-decade.

FB Completed its 12years birthday

Facebook Celebrating 12years birthday

Legend FB born on feb 4th 2004

Following 2011, the organization dramatically increased its number of month to month clients to 1.59 billion individuals — every one of whom helped the organization post record benefits in 2015.

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Facebook Birthday : celebrates 12th birthday with “Friends Day”

Facebook Birthday  celebrates 12th birthday with Friends Day
Facebook Birthday celebrates 12th birthday with Friends Day

Facebook birthday : Facebook says that in the same time period, the level of division between a couple of Facebook clients has diminished from 3.74 degrees to 3.57, a case of “how firmly associated the world has ended up.”

Throughout today, clients ought to see their own Friends Day video appearing on the highest point of the News Feed. You can likewise see your own by clicking “watch yours” at the base of a companions’ video.

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Facebook Birthday : Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook 12 years birthday

Facebook birthday : “That is the thing that the best developments do. You discover approaches to keep it concentrated on the necessities of the group, and it’s not about you,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in an announcement. “What’s more, that is the general purpose of Friends Day. We felt like the world was making it a lot about us and it’s not about us.”


Facebook birthday : Facebook is additionally discharging a progression of new sticker packs today, including ones marked “Kinship” and “Closest Friends” highlighting a mishmash of prevalent energized characters.

Stickers are Facebook’s rendition of human creature emoticons including characters like Beast, named after and in light of Zuckerberg’s own Hungarian sheep pooch, and Pusheen the Cat from the energized webcomic of the same name. You can look at the new gathering at Facebook’s Sticker Store.



Facebook is a Social Networking website connecting people from different places to stay in touch. Facebook is maintaining its friendship with people form 12 years.

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