Don’t Rob Hard-Earned Money Supreme Court on Demonetization

You can not take someone’s property. Allowing factual people to forbid prohibited currency note of Rs 500 and Rs 1000, Says Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court listens to the motions of calling the authorities’ statements, which denied the citizens of the old banknotes deposit.

Supreme Court : Demonetized Notes need to be Deposited in Banks

In a great relief for those suffering from the devaluation, the Supreme Court proposed Tuesday the center and asked them to give another chance to the “real people to deposit old notes.”

The center received two weeks to respond.

Berating the Center for the establishment of a deadline for the currency trapped, the top court observed: “We can not hurt people if they have real reasons should be allowed to submit tickets old”.



The Supreme Court requested today the Central Government and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) if a window could be made available to people who could not file their old Rs. 500 and 1000 money notes.

You can not take someone’s property: Allow the actual people reasons to put prohibited notes, says SC Gov.

Don't Rob Hard-Earned Money Supreme Court on Demonetization
Don’t Rob Hard-Earned Money Supreme Court on Demonetization

The Supreme Court hears the petitions calling for the announcement of the government in question denied citizens of the deposit of the old banknotes.

The Supreme Court reprimanded the center in a strong language on Tuesday and gave it two weeks to answer whether citizens get another chance to present demonized notes.

The center has agreed to practically in front of the apex court that it is willing to examine “the authenticity of each case” to participate in people who still have the old notes of money.

Don’t Rob Hard-Earned Money Supreme Court on Demonetization

The Supreme Court was powerful in its direction in the center.

“You can real hard earned money from people do not contaminate and let go of it like that … you promised them a window now can not you to your word back to those who were struggling to true,” said the Supreme Court .

The Center has demonstrated Rs 500 and Rs 1000 + notes on November 8th. There were citizens until 31 December to return their old banknotes

“If a person can prove that he is his money and he / she had real difficulties in filing until December 31, he must have a chance to change,” said the apex court.



In this sense of the Supreme court, Advocate General Ranjit Kumar sought a compromise.
He asked the court not to try the center to open a general window for all. Instead, he said the government “is nice to study on a case by case basis” cases of citizens who have not had the chance to deposit their old currency.


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