Donald Trump Wife Melania Trump America’s First Lady

Donald Trump Wife Melania Trump America’s First Lady.

Melania Trump Modeling Pictures

Donald Trump’s Republican chosen to be the next president of the USA, and husband Melania could turn into large remote First Lady.



Donald Trump is driving functions, because he chose to rushed to the 45th President of the United States.

Anyway, his better half Melania is as sight as surge of very rich person to guarantee the Republican selection.

The Yugoslav figured model would change in the main First Lady abroad to be understood as her significant other will win the US decision and, after Barack Obama in the White House.

Anyway, she looked after current First Lady Michelle Obama to take undue really at the Republican convention in Cleveland, Ohio, when Melania was accused of faking parts of Mrs. Obama’s 2008 tradition discourse.

How old is Melania trump?


Designed on April 26, 1970, Melania is 46 – interest is a 24 year old slit her 70-year-old husband. She was raised by her father Viktor communist meeting part Knavs who oversaw car dealers for a state-owned vehicle producer, and her mother Amalija Ulnik an example creator plant in a material.

What was she doing in her view of vocation?


She started the show at 16. picture taker Stane Jerko recognized her as a 17-year-old in Ljubljana as he left appear a design, and welcomed her for a trial photo shoot. Her shoot with renowned Jerko launch her into the spotlight, will be asked to  an agreement with Italian model office ID in Milan matured 18, and went ahead to work in Paris as well.

She graced catwalks and magazines in the world, appeared nude on the front cover of British GQ magazine in a shoot for Trump’s modified Boeing 727 including Melania wear cuffs, employing precious stones, and with a chrome gun. She left in 2000 besides swimsuit release of Sports Illustrated.

She said: “My mother was in the design business I was five years old when I got my first catwalk and put ads on 16. I was proficient after my studies, my mother adored fungus We wanted to set out and go to … Italy and Paris. “

Melania now maintains a decoration company, offering its articles on shopping channel QVC. She clowned that in the aftermath of caring for her child and the maintenance of her business, her significant other is her third appeal.

She had Given a Nude Pose to GQ Magazine?


Moreover, in April, she said she would stick to its own character and develop old agile.

She told GQ: “Many people say that I use all the strategies for my face that I have I done nothing to continue with a robust life, I deal with my skin and my body I’m against Botox, … I’m against infusions, I believe it harming your face, harming your nerves it’s all me I’ll be over soon, as my mother does “…

How do their marriage like?

twice recently strained for some time, Trump proposed to the impressive Costume Institute Gala in New York and they married in January 2005 at the Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea in Palm Beach, Florida.

The lady of the hour wore a £ 140,000 dress designed by British architect John Galliano, celebrating the night away at palatial Mar-a-Lago bequest of her new husband.

The meeting had gone by presidential opponent Hillary Clinton and her husband former President Bill.

Other A-lapse visitors included Heidi Klum, rapper P Diddy and Simon Cowell – all sung by Billy Joel sing just as you are.

She told Larry King in the middle of a meeting in 2005: “To marry a man like Donald, you must know your identity You must be extremely solid and brilliant.”.

Do they have children?


Melania brought lonely tyke of the couple, Barron William Trump in 2006.

If a newborn child, Barron had apparently its own floor of the assets ‘loft in the Trump Tower in Manhattan, but often dozed in a bed in his parents’ room. He said that if wearing a suit and tie, and Melania’s nickname for him is “Smaller than expected Donald”.

He is familiar with the Slovenian – Melania’s parents moved to America and live close to the family in the Trump Tower.

Melania is also stepmother to Donald Jr., 38, Ivanka, 34, Eric, 32, of Trump’s first marriage to Ivana, and Tiffany, 22, from his marriage to Marla Maples.

How is Melania?


Former model Melania Trump married American billionaire real estate developer Donald Trump in January 2016.

Melania Trump, a Slovenian American jewelry and watch designer, is the third wife of the President of the United States. Her first major political speech addressing the Republican National Convention came under fire for the striking similarities between her words and those of Michelle Obama in 2008.

In 2000, when Trump considered to keep a running for office, Melania was asked what she would play kind of participation in the event he ever got to be president.

“I would be extremely conventional and Betty Ford and Jackie Kennedy are,” she replied.

American political analyst Stephen Fisher told the Mirror: “Melania would make an extraordinary First Lady.

“They say never judge a book – or maybe for her situation, a journal – by its cover, and nothing could be all the more valid upon her.

“She’s fine, exceptional instructed, adheres with mind blowing nobility, and its excellence is not just superficial. Not at all like her significant other, she’s a model New Yorker … very liberal.”



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