Buddha Purnima Quotes, HD Images, Celebrations on Buddha’s Day

The Buddha of Gautama, also known as Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha of the Sakyamuni, or simply the Buddha, for the title of the Buddha, was an ascetic and wise man who founded Buddhism.

Buddha Purnima 2017 in India: Date of celebrations and its significance and celebration of Gautama Buddha’s birth anniversary.

Buddha Purnima Quotes, HD Images, Celebrations on Buddha’s Day

Buddha Purnima Quotes
Buddha Purnima Quotes

Buddha Purnima wiki

Buddha Purnima hd imges: Vesākha, also known as Buddha Purnima and Buddhist Day, is an opportunity presented by Buddhists at various dates in India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Nepal, Tibet, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos , Malaysia and Myanmar and in various places around the world.


Formerly known as the “Buddha’s birthday,” it is characterized by the birth, enlightenment (Buddha) and the fall (Parinirvana) of Buddha Gautama in Theravada or the custom of the South.

why we celebrate buddha purnima

Celebrations on Buddha's Birth Day
Celebrations on Buddha’s Birth Day

Buddha Purnima 2017 is just around the corner. India, the source of Buddhism, has an enormous day in Purnima. Otherwise, called Vesak or Buddha Jayanti, Buddha Purnima praises the birth, construction and transmission of Buddha Gautama.

Although the exact birth date and death of Buddha Gautama is not known, the World Buddhist Team was held in Sri Lanka in May 1950. It was the day of the full moon on the day of Buddha Purnima. Buddha Purnima 2017 is the 10th of May.

After most antiquities the Buddha lived between 563 and 483 years. Lumbini in Nepal is considered the origin and probably spent 80 years in Kushinagar. Government cities, banks and jobs remain closed for Buddha Purnima.

The four obligatory Buddhist travelers in India – Bodh Gaya, Kushinagar, Lumbini and Sarnath – are the best places to celebrate the Buddhas of Purnima.

Buddha Purnima 2017

Buddha Purnima Quotes
Buddha Purnima Quotes

Especially Bodh Gaya is a critical place in the life of Buddha Gautama. It is considered as an issue acquired here. Sarnath is the place that the Buddha recognized as the first sermon.

The brothers speak and present ancient verses on the arrival of Buddha Purnima with the great nuber of Buddhist participants. Buddha statues are placed in a bowl of water and decorated with flowers. The visitors of the sanctuary pour water onto the statue to offer their salutations.

Buddha Purnima 2017 HD Images

Buddha Purnima Quotes celebrations on buddha's birth day
Buddha Purnima Quotes celebrations on buddha’s birth day

It also shows that it symbolizes a fresh and fresh start. Buddha Purnima is also a day where Buddhists consider the teachings of Buddha Gautama. You can wear white robes and just eat vegan food near Vesaka. Several fans offer the bad money, food and clothes.

Some acquire limited creatures and winged animals and allow them to show management to all living animals, depending on the lead among the clearest teachings of the Buddha. Currently seen Budd Purnima unusual: Four should visit Buddhist places.

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Buddha Purnima wiki buddha Quotes celebrations on buddha's birth day
Buddha Purnima wiki buddha Quotes celebrations on buddha’s birth day

In 1999, the United Nations decided to observe Vesaka Day in venues and offices around the world.

The name of observance is derived from the term Pali Term vesākha or Sanskrit vaiśākha, which is the name of the lunar month in the Hindu calendar, which falls in April and May (see Vaisakha). In the Mahayana Buddhist traditions, the festival is known as Sanskrit (Vaissaka) and its derived variants. Names of names vary by language, including:

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Buddha Purnima in Different countries

Buddha Purnima wiki buddha Quotes celebrations on buddha's birth day
Buddha Purnima wiki buddha Quotes celebrations on buddha’s birth day

    Assamese: বুদ্ধ পূর্ণিমা Buddho Purnima
    Bengali: বুদ্ধ পূর্ণিমা Buddho Purnima, বুদ্ধ জয়ন্তী Buddho Joyonti, ভেসাক Bhesak
    Dzongkha: སྟོན་པའི་དུས་ཆེན་༥ འཛོམས་ Dhüchen Nga Zom
    Burmese: ကဆုန်လပြည့် ဗုဒ္ဓနေ့ “Full Moon Day”
    Chinese: 佛陀誕辰紀念日; pinyin: Fótuó dànchén jìniàn rì, 佛誕 (Fódàn, Birthday of the Buddha), 浴佛節 (Yùfójié, Occasion of Bathing the Buddha), 衛塞節 (Wèisāi jié)
    Hindi: बुद्ध पूर्णिमा Buddha Pūrṇimā, बुद्ध जयन्ती Buddha Jayantī, वैशाख पूर्णिमा Vaisākh Pūrṇimā
    Indonesian: Hari Raya Waisak
    Japanese: 花祭 Hanamatsuri (Day of Flowers)
    Khmer: វិសាខបូជា Visak Bochea
    Kannada: ಬುದ್ಧ ಪೌರ್ಣಮಿ Buddha Pournami
    Hangul: 석가 탄신일; Hanja: 釋迦誕辰日; RR: Seokka Tanshin-il (Birthday of the Shakyamuni Buddha)
    Lao: ວິສາຂະບູຊາ Vixakha Bouxa
    Malay: Hari Wesak (هاري ويسق)
    Mongolian: Бурхан Багшийн Их Дүйцэн Өдөр (Lord Buddha’s Great Festival Day)
    Newar: स्वांया पुन्हि Swānyā Punhi
    Nepali: बुद्ध पुर्णिमा Buddha Purnima, बुद्ध जयन्ति Buddha Jayanti
    Sinhalese: වෙසක් Vesak
    Tamil: விசாக தினம் Vicāka Tiṉam
    Telugu: బుద్ధ పౌర్ణమి Buddha Pournami or alternatively Telugu: వైశాఖ పౌర్ణమి Vaisakha Pournami
    Thai: วิสาขบูชา Wisakha Bucha
    Tibetan: ས་ག་ཟླ་བ།, THL: Sa Ga Dawa
    Vietnamese: Phật Đản (Birthday of the Buddha)


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