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Basic Features of All Apple Products iPhone X, 8, 8Plus, Apple Watch and Tv

Basic Features of All Apple Products iPhone X, 8, 8Plus, Apple Watch and Tv

Apple CEO Tim Cook has unveiled new iPhones in the new Steve Jobs Theater at Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino. With the introduction of three new phones, Cook said that Apple’s first product is still growing.

IPhone X, said, represents the “future of smartphones”: a platform to expand reality, tools for efficient data processing, screen for all. But that does not all concern iPhones. The event also brought a brand-new Apple Watch product, Apple TV upgrades, and many other features that reach the Apple ecosystem. You missed a big show? Check out our archived live coverage of Apple’s Big Bottom and read all of the information below.


Basic Features of All the Apple Products

Features: Apple iPhone X – Smartphone

IPhone X (pronounced ten, not X) is the whole screen, from one end to the other. He even lost the Home button icon to get a spot on the OLED screen that fills the phone.

Features: Apple iPhone X - Smartphone
Features: Apple iPhone X – Smartphone

If you are worried that this beautiful screen will break, then this is not Apple’s most enduring, stainless steel surgical steel. (You will probably distribute it anyway, but still.) X gained an extra two hours battery life, supports wireless Qi, and bundles the highest pixel density ever found on an iPhone.

All this is less important than what you can do with it, for example, deepen the deepening of reality or continue to do the best photos of the iPhone. Of course you will pay a lot of money: The iPhone 2700 will start shipping before October 27, for $ 999 or more. Read the story of Apple’s latest iPhone here.


IPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

Are not you ready to make $ 1000 for a new iPhone? Good news! Apple also debuted on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, two spiffed-up models that cost less Benjamins.

Both models run on the same Bionic A11 chip as the X, which Apple says is 70% faster than the A10. They also feature an improved camera, optical image stabilization and True Tone technology to match the color of the surrounding light.

The cameras are specially calibrated for ARs, with new gyros and accelerometers, giving you the best motion sensation when playing with AR on your phone. Like the iPhone X, they also support wireless charging (via software update), so you do not have to feel like the last loser with a cord. The iPhone 8 starts at $ 699 for 64 concerts; 8 plus up to $ 799. More details in our publication on the new iPhone.


Best New Feature in Apple iPhone FaceID

Best New Model iPhone knows you. You look at it all day because it remembers and tracks the contours of your face. Now Apple uses this personal information to enable you to unlock your iPhone in no time.

Best New Feature in Apple iPhone FaceID
Best New Feature in Apple iPhone FaceID

The new Face Identification Technology, integrated with the iPhone X, utilizes in-depth learning and facial recognition to recognize and validate your identity. Suppose it works even in the dark, and if you change your make-up or hairstyle. Apple claims it can face one million face-to-face with someone else, making it more secure than the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Use it to authenticate and unlock your phone or send payments to Apple Pay. Just look and unlock. What may fail? Learn more about what we know about Face ID security.


New Feature in Apple iPhone Animoji

What happens when you combine a puppy snapchat filter with an emoji puppy Unicode? You become emoji: a new feature called Apple animosity.

Everything-Animoji-New Feature in Apple iPhone Animoji
Everything-Animoji-New Feature in Apple iPhone Animoji

IMessage allows you to map facial expressions to animal emoji characters available on iOS that you can send as emoji animated messages. Watch your friends and co-workers to turn into a talking unicorn or emoji cocoa. Completely not strange.

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Best New Feature in Apple iPhone Wireless Charging

Wired: Wireless charging. Tired: Load one device at a time. Now that the new Apple device class supports wireless prices, the company has an accessory that allows them to distribute at once.

AirPower rugs can use up to three devices at once – your iPhone X, Apple Watch, and AirPod charging – by simply placing them on the carpet. No price details, because AirPower carpet will not appear until next year.


Apple Watch Series 3

When Apple first introduced its Apple Watch browser, its promise was to launch the phone. Now, with Apple Watch Series 3, it’s almost possible.

Everything-Charging-Apple Watch Series 3
Everything-Charging-Apple Watch Series 3

The new model comes with built-in cellular data so you can leave your phone at home while you feel like driving or taking a phone while you catch a wave. Because you can!) This combination brings a new version of Siri, integration with Maps, and next month, Apple Music, so you can carry 40 million songs on your wrist.

It always has all your favorite fitness functions such as heart rate monitoring, plus intelligent exercise and GymKit integration that combines a watch with an exercise equipment. Series 3 starts at $ 329 without cellular coverage or $ 399, and ships – September 22. Read the new Apple Watch

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Apple Tv 4k

The new Apple TV may look similar to the old black Apple TV box, the small Apple logo, but what appears on the screen will be sharper and more vivid.

Everything-4K-Apple Tv 4K HDR
Everything-4K-Apple Tv 4K HDR

The new version supports 4K and HDR movies, two Apple standards have been slow to accept, but thank God they are finally there. Apple TV is also configured to integrate better with platforms such as Apple Music, and will soon add all of its favorite programs to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Sports sports will also have their own card. Oh, and if you already have some HD movies on Apple TV? Apple will improve these files to 4K, for free.

The new model comes from September 22nd at $ 179 for 32GB storage, $ 199 for 64GB. Read our story about the new Apple TV features.

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