Air-India : PM Modi Approves Indian Airlines Towards Privatization

NEW DELHI: Air India is developing a proposal to provide voluntary income to more than a third of the 40,000 employees, according to a senior company, one of India’s largest sectors, while the airline is selling the cost of a sale in 2018

PM Narendra Modi Plans on Privatization of Air India

The official, who could not be say when the plan has not public, said that the state-owned company had also on the fleet expansion and has removed a proposal for the deposit of eight Boeing 787 aircraft. The Air India Board of Directors approved the proposal in April, but nothing else has done.

The flag of India is about to be approve by the government of india Prime Minister Narendra Modi last month to take the privatization plan of airline by selling some or all of the company and ending it with decades of state aid Has.

Air-India : PM Modi Approves Indian Airlines Towards Privatization
Air-India : PM Modi Approves Indian Airlines Towards Privatization

Air India has a complex fleet, too many employees compared to competitors and $ 8.5 billion in debts, established in the thirties and known generations of Indians for its mascots Maharajah. Since 2012, New Delhi has injected $ 3.6 billion to keep it informed.

An office officer of the Mod Office said that the Prime Minister is under pressure to save spending and strengthen the basic infrastructure, such as ports and roads, “fail” to create a new money supply for potential loss problems in the public sector.

Air India: Indian Airlines Privatisation by Government

The official said that the large bureaucrats of the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Air India both asked to report how a voluntary retirement (VRS) can offered to about 15,000 employees of 40,000 Air India employees, including contractors.

“Nothing is done, but our goal is to make strategic sales as easy as possible,” said a second high-ranking official in New Delhi, who participated in daily operations of the airline, adding that new investments would also be made.

Previous attempts to solve the airline have largely failed due to the size and complexity of the problems of Air India and its influential trade unions.

As modes of privatization move, he will strengthen his strength as a reformer, courageous enough to cope with some of the most difficult problems in the country.
United Front

At its peak, Air India has presented a group of talents on which the newly established airlines have settled. However, the government must convince seven unions to accept the plan to make the aircraft attractive to potential buyers, including buyouts and other efforts to save costs. Their first reaction was not positive.

Government of India Narendra Modi Approves the Privatisation of Air India

“The government will propose a VRS scheme and we will propose its proposal,” said J. B. Kadian, a trade union leader representing 8,000 Air India non-technical employees.

Kadian said a joint trade union forum, representing Air India employees, will start a “disquiet” in August as the government continues its privatization plans.

On Tuesday, So many Employees from Airline’s Union meet near Delhi airport with stickers and slogans against this privatization, claiming that the airline’s debts has cancelled with the first demonstration against the government’s plan.

A commission of five high-ranking Federal Ministers under the direction of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s plan to meet in this month and begin to define the details of the privatization plan.

Meanwhile, the civil aviation minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju said he wanted to cut Air India at all levels.

Earlier this month, the airline decided not to wait for vegetarian class meals on domestic flights to save R’s. 100 million (1.6 million dollars) from 10 months.

Air-India : PM Modi Approves Indian Airlines Towards Privatization

Air-India : PM Modi Approves Indian Airlines Towards Privatization
Air-India : PM Modi Approves Indian Airlines Towards Privatization

The action led to a cry for social media and has addressed by aviation experts who claim that Air India’s management needs a huge structural review that involves more boring business, such as the fleet and its employees, instead of meals.

The airline is also working to reduce the time the aircraft has landed and to start direct flights to new international destinations.

In July, Air India launched a direct flight to Washington and flies to Stockholm, Copenhagen and Los Angeles this year.

“Holding aircraft in the hangar makes no sense when Air India tries to find new sources of revenue, and we need to optimize the use of all possible resources,” said Raju. “The idea is to present a solid business to potential buyers.”

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